Hunan Nature Pharmaceutical Co,ltd

Hunan Nature Pharmaceutical Co,ltd
Hunan Nature Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd is a manufacturer and exporter of natural foods and related products, including plant extracts, nutritional supplement and healthy items. All products are purely natural. The factory is carried out as GMP standards to ensure that our customers get premium quality products.
Our company has been planting Chinese herbs since it was found in 1989. We protect the environment as it is famous for providing its best to customers with high quality natural food and tremendious customer services in world wide as our motto is to be protect and provide the best.

Our Sub-company

*Gentcare Natural Ingredients Co. , Ltd

Gentcare Natural Ingredients Co. , Ltd. (GNI) , as an independent subsidiary of Hunan Nature Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd. (HNP) , Specializes in Natural Ingredients of both their preparations and finished products, including Plant Extracts, Nutriceuticals and Dietary Supplements, Function Formulas, Plant Powders, Herbal Slices, Natural Health Products, and etc. GNI is of the ability to develop and produce almost all types of natural products because it is not only a plant extracts manufacturer but also equipped with all those equipments for an advanced GMP pharmaceutical factory.

GNI supplies over 200 kinds of top quality products for our customers, these including about over 100 kinds of Plant Extracts and 20 kinds of other type of products. More than 30 kinds of our Plant Extracts are standardized products that have passed the strict test by overseas authoritative independent laboratories, these include Kelp P. E. , Teng Cha (Ampelopsis Grossedentata) P. E. , Black Cohosh Root P. E. , Bitter Melon P. E. , Cordyceps P. E. , Rhodiola Rosea P. E. , Maitake Mushroom P. E. , Aloe Vera P. E. , and etc.
GNI's products satisfied the need of different users allover the world because of its top quality, excellent service and quick reaction. GNI's goal is"Your Requirements, Our Targets!"

*Yongzhou Biochemical Co. , Ltd

Set up in the year 2001, our main products are chinese herbal extracts, supplements etc. It shares the 70% of the Hunan Nature Pharmaceutical Co. , Ltd . Its address is Xiangrong Industry, Fenghuangyuan. Yongzhou. Hunan.

* Yongzhou Modern Chinese Medicines Co. , Ltd

Set up in 2004, our company is American Joint vernture, which the main products are nutritions , such as the Gingko and Ginseng Capsule, Kelp Capsule, Cordyceps Capsule, Rhodiola Capsule, Sweet Dream Capsule etc. We hope to bring nature and health to everyone.

*Ningyuan Plant Company

Our company is in the Shuishi Town of Ningyuan, which has more than 1350 Mu to plant herbs on the regulation of GAP.

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